Nearly Drowned
The first book in the 20+ book series Tèarmann Chronicles.
‘Swimming with the fish’ can have two meanings. One she loved, the other brought fear. But three against one, she can’t escape.

Malissa only wanted to help, not get on the radar of a group of people willing to drown those who get in their way. But then they recognize her from elsewhere.

As a normal sixteen-year-old, Malissa hadn’t stood out much. Aside from an avid love of swimming and an unusual strength. Her shy nature held her back from helping, only sometimes giving birth to attempts. But usually, her friends have to bail her out when things don’t work out.

But the bad guys know her and keep talking about how she could be ‘his’ child. How did they know she was adopted? The note left by her biological father indicated there may be danger but that’s when she was a baby.

The group threatened an extended swim but with strange promises of maybe seeing her again. As the pain increased in her chest, the hope of saving seemed to leave with her. But there’s a moment after the darkness, the water remains and a clear voice talks to her.


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Mermaid in a Pool

Haily always knew she was a mermaid but when events begin to unfold, she finds out there a lot more to it.

Raised in the human world by her adopted father, Haily was accustomed to being different. Her lack of legs forced her to be pushed around in a wheelchair and wear different accessories so no one would see her fishy features.

When a man arrives at her father's pool, seeming to know about her tail and seems to think she's royalty, she can't help but feels there's more to the untold story of how her father found her.
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About the Author

Born and raised in a Christian family in Canada, TR is the third of ten kids. In her early teenage years, she deveolped an interest and eventually a love for writing. What was meant to be a stand alone, then a duo turned into the Tearmann Chronicles. Most of her books, whether in the series or not, show her love and interest in magical creatures.

In her free time, she enjoys drawing, a variety of crafts, greek mythology and mermaiding.

I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email at And come check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Wattpad!
TR Moore Ede